admin – Best Briyani in Madurai – KK Nagar
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Biryani is a preferred dish for Madurai people for lunch. As Biryani is not a regularly cooked food at homes and even if they do as most of them cant cook so perfectly as in restaurants, when people go out to dine their first choice is usually Biryani. If its Biryani its usually a celebration.

Usually people who were raised in Madurai are used to Biryani cooked in Seeragasamba rice. Seeragasamba being a fine and slender variety of rice, is the most preferred rice when it comes to Biryani by restaurants in Madurai. Maduraiites consider Biryani with Basmati as Hyderabadi Biryani which is not Dum Biryani usually. If its Biryani,

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